Friday, April 1, 2011

Shinano ceramic center in Seto, Aichi 2

Continuation from the last entry

Well… I did awful, ha ha ha… I didn’t have the skill to make the thin walls. So my tea bowl was very thick and heavy. Most of you may know that potteries shrink when they are baked. So, it also became much smaller than I expected (-_-#) It didn’t have much space to move the tea whisk in it. It looks really bad for a tea bowl, doesn’t it? However, I had some kind of attachment to it and used it for a while. I don’t know where it went now, though … (^^;;

From that experience, I really admire the craftsmanship that potters have. When I watch the pottery making of professionals, the clay moves like a creature and transforms into the shape that potters want. That is amazing.

You can purchase those pottery wares made by local artists at Shinano ceramic center. I found some very expensive tea bowls. I cannot buy one, but it’s nice to just look at them.

This is 420,000yen!!!

These are 230,000 and 210,000yen!

There are some other places where you can try pottery making in Seto. If you have a chance to come to our city, please try it. It’s going to be fun. Oh, by the way, I gotta go back to the michinoeki for the noodle! Wanna come with me?


  1. I honestly wouldn't say no to Seto-yakisoba right now ! :-)

  2. Okay, why don’t we meet there one hour later? If you can make it, the noodle is on me (^0^)/ Hahaha.