Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Toso Ceramic Festival in Seto, Aichi

Does your home town have any local festival? My city, Seto is famous for ceramic production and some ceramic festivals are held each year. There is a major festival called the Setomono Festival at the end of summer. There is another festival in spring time that is called the Toso Festival. At either festival, there are some stalls of ceramic shops and food at the downtown area. Also, some events take place around the town.

I have been to the Setomono Festival quite often, but not so much to the Toso Festival. This may be because the Toso fest is smaller compared to the Setomono fest when it comes to the scale. The Toso fest was actually held on the last weekend and we went there. Surprisingly, I liked it better than the Setomono Festival! The Setomono fest is at the end of summer so it’s usually hot. Setomono has more shops and more people and it is very crowded. I’m not saying that Setomono Festival is bad. It’s good for people who love big and boisterous festival. It’s kind of tiring for me. The climate was nicer and not too crowded at Toso so I was able to leisurely enjoy it.

The tea workshop I introduced yesterday was also one of the events at Toso Festival. There was also an event where you can experience painting on ceramics. It’s nice to have some local festivals and I would like to come back again by next year.

This is an exhibition of table setting using Seto wares at Toso Festival.

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