Monday, April 11, 2011

The confection named rapeseed flowers

Hey, it’s time of cherry blossoms! In my region, it’s the peak of blooming now. The best period is short and only lasts for a week or so. Maybe, that’s why Japanese is so fascinated with cherry blossoms. Yesterday, I went to on a cherry viewing picnic with my family at a neighboring park. We took my grandfather and had lunch there.  It was a fine day and no cloud was in the sky. Children were playing with parents. A senior couple was relaxing at a bench. A group of young people was parting with alcohol. Many people were enjoying under the cherries. It feels nice to eat outside sometimes.

We went to Azumaken, my favorite confectionary shop in my town. This is one of the sweets we got. The confection is named rapeseed flowers which are after a spring flower of the same name. I think it appears like yellow blossoms in a green field. It has sweet bean past inside.

Photo of rapeseed flowers >>> Wikipedia


  1. I come from the north of the Netherlands, they have great fields of rapeseed in the spring, when you ride through them the smell is so sweet and heavy it makes you sleepy!

    1. The fields with full-bloomed rapeseed must be very beautiful.