Friday, July 16, 2010

Tea set for iced tencha

Iyemon is a popular bottled tea bland in Japan. Suntory, the maker of Iyemon is now doing a promotion. You can win a tea set for iced tencha. They did the same kind of campaign the last year. I bought some Iyemon and signed up for it, but I could not win. This year again, I want to win the tea set. Tencha is the ingredient of matcha, the tea leaves before milled. So, you don’t usually find tencha sold at tea shops. Tencha is grown under cover to avoid direct sunshine, like gyokuro is done. It should have very rich umami. The iced tencha is prepared with ice cubes. You put ice cubes and tencha leaves in the tea bottle, and leave it in the fridge. As the ice melts, the tencha is brewed, which takes for a day. I’m very interested in the tea, and I really want to win the tea set. Wish me luck!


  1. That is just awesome! It's not possible to buy?

  2. Hi, Senchaholic-san,

    Unfortunately, it's not for sale. It's not exactly the same tea set, but you can buy similar one at Iyemon shop.

    Iyemon shop (Japanese) >>>

  3. Hello, I stumbled on your site and am also interested in the tea set. But, I am not able to understand the Suntory link, and the lyemon shop link does not work at all.

    1. Hi, I’m sorry that the link doesn’t work. It is an old promotion so the site seems no longer available as well as the tea set. Here is the home page of Iyemon (

    2. There is similar tea set for iced tea produced by Hario. You can buy it on or other places like