Friday, July 23, 2010

Fukujuen, Tea shop in Uji, Kyoto

We had the lunch at Fukujuen in Uji on the tea study trip. Fukujuen is a famous tea shop, which has a long history. A bottled sencha, Iyemon is a nationally popular bland, and produced by a collaboration of Fukujuen and Suntory.

Fukujuen Uji studio has a restaurant, tea rooms, tea-making experiencing studios, pottery studio, and gift shops. We had tea flavor noodle and rice at the restaurant. I was busy talking with other people during the meal and don’t remember the taste of the noodle, much (・_・;) But, I remember the rice was pretty nice. I loved it.

A small cup of cold kabusecha was served before the meal. It was so nice. I assumed it was brewed with cold water; the taste was very clear and had a generous umami of kabusecha.

And hojicha was served with the meal. This was the third cup of tea we had on this trip v(^o^)v

You can experience tea making for sencha, matcha and hojicha, or pottery making, or take a tea ceremony workshop at Fukujuen Uji studio. (I think it’s better to check the schedules of the workshops and make a reservation before you visit.) We didn’t have much time to stay at Fukujuen, and left there after the lunch. I thought it was a good place to experience Japanese tea!

Fukujuen Uji studio webpage (Japanese) >>>

From the left; Tea making studio, tea room, and pottery studio


  1. I have always wanted to visit this place! Kinkaku Gyokuro is so far my favorite tea although now I want to try their Kabuse.

  2. Hi, StationeryMad-san,

    Oh, you drink their Gyokuro! It must be good. In Uji, there are many tea shops. Uji is a good place to try different teas from different shops!

    Thank you for visiting my blog.

  3. Hi Kohei,

    I am Ratna from Indonesia, I write a book about tea in Indonesia. Every year I always travel to learn about tea in Japan, China or Hongkong. I plan to visit world Ocha Festival in Shizuoka (30-31 Oct) then visit Kyoto on 1-3 Nov 2010. I want to visit Fukujuen and learn more about Japanese tea. Last year I visited Uji with Ralph from Maikotea and I learned about tea from him and his colleagues @ Maiko. Do you think Fukujuen tea is better than Maiko? I am a loyal customer for Maikotea.
    I read from your blog, you went to some tea lessons (gyokuro brewing and tea tasting). Where can I get Tea lesson during my stays in Kyoto?
    I also want to buy some tea utensils from your online shop, can you deliver to my hotel in Kyoto? I will send email to for the details.
    Thank you

  4. Hello, Ratna-san,

    Thank you very much visiting my blog and inquiring. I’m really glad hearing that you are visiting Japan. I’m also planning to go to the world Ocha festival(^-^)

    I regret to say that I have never tried the tea from Maikotea. So, I cannot tell you which makes better tea, Mikotea or Fukujuen. I’m sorry.

    The place I had the gyokuro brewing workshop is Ujicha-dojyo Takumi-no-yakata in Uji Kyoto. (
    The tea tasting workshop I took was only for the Japanese tea advisers and instructors, not for everybody, which was held by Japanese tea instructor association.
    You can take Japanese tea workshop or experience tea blending at Fukujuen Kyoto Honten. ( I think it’s better to take a reservation before you visit. About tea blending on my blog >>.

    If you place the order in advance, we can arrange the shipment to the hotel in Kyoto. If you have any questions or concerns, please mail me to Thanks.

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