Monday, July 26, 2010

Gyokuro brewing workshop 1

On the tea study tour in Uji, we visited Takumi-no-yakata. We took a gyokuro-brewing workshop. Each participant got an individual tea set, and tried gyokuro brewing. I’ll introduce the Takuni-no-yakata-style gyokuro brewing that I learned.

Tea set: Hohin (teapot), small cup, water cooler, tea caddy (red), small bowl (blue).

Ghyokuro tea leaves in the tea caddy: 5g

Pour hot water into the teapot, about 1/3 of the teapot

Pour the hot water in to the small tea cup, about the 8/10 of the cup
Throw away the water left in the teapot.

Put the 5g tea leaves into the teapot

The water temperature should be about 40 degrees C. When you touch the tea cup, it should be lukewarm, slightly warmer than human body. If so, pour all the hot water from the cup to the teapot. The amount of water should be just enough to soak the tea leaves.

While you wait for infusing the tea, pour hot water into water cooler for second brewing. Have the water get cool.

The color of the tea leaves in the teapot will change to bright yellowish green by absorbing the hot water. When 2/3 of the leaves change the color, it is the time. (or it is for about 2-3 minutes) Serve the tea into the teacup.

The tea will be very small amount. Do not quickly drain your cup. First enjoy the color and aroma, and then take a sip and move it all around your mouth. The taste is totally different from sencha. You will find condensed umami in the drops.

I think gyokuro is the tea to enjoy the super rich umami in the condensed drops. I loved their gyokuro. It was very strong, but mellow. I had very happy time with the tea and experience. I’ll talk about the second brewing tomorrow.

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