Thursday, July 1, 2010

Iced sencha, adjusted recipe

The other day I introduced my recipe for iced sencha. The sencha was not bad, but it was a little bitter. Today I’ll try it again with an adjusted recipe.

The previous recipe was …
Tea leave: 5g
Water: about 140ml at 90 degrees C (194F)
Brewing time: 1 minute

The new recipe will be …
Tea leave: 4g
Water: about 140ml at 80 degrees C (176F)
Brewing time: 1 minute
The adjustments are less leaves and lower water temperature

Here it is!
I brewed the tea with the new recipe, and poured the tea into the cup with a lot of ice cubes (160g).

The tea got milder!! The bitterness is not too strong, but still brings nice refreshment with the pronounced flavor to your mouth. I loved it. I prefer this new recipe, and try it for a while. But I’ll also try to explore more (^-^)


  1. Thanks for this recipe! Temperatures are really high in central Europe these days, too, so it's really helpful ;)

  2. So, you will try the iced sencha? Great! Hope this recipe will work fine with your tealeaves.

  3. Yes, I prepared iced sencha like this (the second recipe with 4 grams and 80 degrees) and it was really delicious! I used mid-steamed sencha from Marukyu Koyamaen and it worked really great ;)

  4. This way of preparation of ice tea works great with any type of sencha. I like much bitter taste of japanese tea so I usually use more tea leaves. So I really like iced genmaicha but I want to try iced experiment with genmaicha or houjicha with elegant mild taste of mixed milk. Something like iced genmai-latte-cha! -O_O-

  5. Hi, Tmas-san. Iced genmaicha latte sounds nice! I have had hojicha latte at Starbucks. They only serve it in hot. It was very nice. So, I assume iced hojicha or genmaicha latte will be nice as well (^-^)