Monday, July 12, 2010

Mugicha, the best tea for summer 2

On the last post, I talked about Mugicha, barley tea. This package we bought was made by Itoen, and contains 54 teabags. One teabag can make one liter (2.2lb) mugicha. The price for the package (54 teabags) at a supermarket was…


This means one teabag costs only 3 yen. 3 yen for one liter of tea!! How cheap! I have never given a thought seriously how reasonable it is. If you buy a bottled tea at stores, it will cost you more than 100 yen. It is very worth to prepare the tea at home.

I think mugicha is very popular, because of the easy preparation and reasonable price, and of cause its nice taste as well. You will find it in the fridge at many households in Japan. I believe mugicha is the best tea for summer!


  1. May I ask what pot that is on the left?

  2. In Japan, you find this type of jar sold at stores this season. I guess it’s mainly used to keep mugicha in the fridge. Mine is that the body is made of glass and the lid is resin and stainless steel. It does not have a strainer. I make mugicha just by putting a tea bag and natural-temperature water into the jar and keep it in the fridge. The tea is ready in two hours. You don’t have to take out the lid when you pour the tea into a glass. The lid has an opening on one side so you just revolve it when you pour. Did I answer for what you wanted to know? I always have cold mugicha available in the fridge during the summer ^^

    Some more pictures of the jar >>>

  3. Thanks a lot, great reply!

  4. Ah, but also, does that specific pot have a name, or do you know of the manufacturer? It looks great but I have never seen one before.

  5. I’m sorry that I don’t know the manufacturer. I don’t think there is a certain name for it but I think people call it Mugicha-pot, Mugicha-container or Mugicha-pitcher.

    Here are some google image search results for Mugicha-pot and Mugicha-container in Japanese.

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