Friday, July 3, 2009

Matcha making steps at Hrademae

How is it going, everyone?

This week we had the lesson on Thursday. I talked about hirademae brief steps on Jun 25 blog. Let’s have a closer look to the third procedure (make matcha) in the hirademae brief steps. We took some pictures at yesterday lesson, but I’m sorry the pictures are not good. The details are little difficult to see.

1. Put matcha powder into the tea bowl
Use the tea scoop and put one and half scoops of matcha powder from natsume (container) into the tea bowl.

2. Pour hot water into the tea bowl
Use bamboo ladle. Draw the hot water from the kettle and pour it into the tea bowl. Use about half of water in the ladle (about 60ml).

3. Mix the hot water and matcha powder
Hold the tea bowl with your left hand and with your right hand move the tea whisk back and forth, not in a circle. Stir lightly but fast. The movement should be similar to beating an egg. It will probably take about 15 seconds of whisking.

4. Ready to serve
You will find a bit of foam on its surface and smell nice green tea aroma!

It’s not that difficult. If you have matcha, a large bowl and a tea whisk, you can enjoy it at home. Give it a try!

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