Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Expencive or reasonable matcha

How are you everyone?

What kind of matcha do you usually drink? We enjoy matcha from a teashop “A” in our town. They have six grades of matcha. I believe they are from about 700 to 5000 yen for 40g. We sometimes get good one for nice occasions, but usually get fourth or fifth one for casual matcha at home. They are 1000 yen and 1500yen for 40g. They are okay for everyday tea.

We really like matcha at our tea lessons. Our master gets very nice one from a different teashop “B”. It’s 3000yen for 40g. The matcha is very mild but also have rich green tea flavor. We like strong matcha, so we use a lot of matcha for one serving. With good matcha it not bitter even you make it strong.

I think the difference between reasonable matcha and expensive matcha is that reasonable ones have bitterness and expensive ones are mild and have umami (the fifth taste sensation). Our master likes the teashop “B”, and she recommended us comparing matcha from each shop A and B. So, we bought matcha from both shops on this weekend. I’ll report you the result tomorrow.

Have a nice day!

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