Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The sweet of the day, joyo Jul 8

Good morning everyone!

To watch Michael Jackson DVD at the living room without constraint I’m conspiring to make my wife Hiro to be a Michael fan, and burning an original CD for her. Ha,ha.

The picture was the sweet on July 8. It’s one of my favorite Japanese confectionery called joyo. It is a pretty basic confection, just sweet bean paste covered with the white skin. It really goes well with sencha and matcha, and is reasonable as well. I started to like joyo since my grandpa’s funeral. It was years ago. People brought tons of joyo to the funeral. I, junior high kid munched them up. I don’t see many people bringing joyo to a funeral nowadays, but back then I guess joyo was one of a popular confection as hospitality gift for a funeral in my region.

Talk to later!

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