Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Tea at a steak house

Hi, everyone! I aimed my camera at the eastern sky.

The weather has been gloomy these days. It’s clouded now, and will be raining this afternoon. The rainy season is usually over in the middle of July. But this year, it’s not over yet. In Japan the rainy season usually starts and ends from Southwest. I think I heard the rainy season is over in Tokyo now. The rainy season left behind our region, Aichi.

Yesterday, we had a dinner at a steakhouse. There was a beverage fountain there, and you could enjoy coke, ginger ale and some other stuff. Iced oolong tea and sokenbicha (kind of green tea from Coca-Cola Japan) are also provided from the fountain. I forgot to take a picture of it, sorry. I haven’t seen any fountain provides green tea at oversea, so I thought it could be interesting to you. Hiro and I had iced oolong tea with steak. It could be funny to Americans to have oolong or green tea with steak, but it’s not so surprising at all in Japan.

We’re having another lesson tonight. Take care!

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