Wednesday, March 9, 2011

What to learn in a tea lesson

Have you ever tried Japanese tea ceremony? The idea for the tea ceremony is simple — the host serves tea to his guests in a tea room to share a peaceful moment together. We take lessons and practice the ceremony for a long term. Our master is still taking lessons for her continuous improvement. I believe it has been over 40 years. Some of you might wonder why and what we learn.

There are hundreds of manners you are to follow in the ceremony. In the lesson, you are taught with manners such as what to do and how to move, but you often won’t be given the reasons behind these manners. So, out of curiosity I sometimes ask our master on the reasons. If she knows the reason behind then she tells me so but there are certain times that she herself doesn’t know why. She explained that the reasons were not taught to her when she was young. She has learned the reasons herself along the way of her career. She also added that nowadays the younger generation tend to be more of a logical thinker and are more curious to know the reasons behind everything that they encounter. I might be a part of that generation. I want to know the reasons behind such manners. But it does not seem to be that way in sado (The Way of Tea). You have to figure out the reasons and philosophies behind the manners yourself. I think that your experience is important. You need to practice the same things over and over in order to arrive into realization. I believe that you can find the joys and pleasures in every discovery.

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