Monday, March 28, 2011

Correct amount of matcha powder and water

As I mentioned on the last entry, we are not taught the exact amount of ingredient in grams or milliliters for making matcha. However, I’ll introduce what I think the correct amount is through my experience.

This is how much one scoop should be.

Put two scoops of matcha into the tea bowl. This is how much TWO scoops of matcha looks like in the tea bowl.

In the tea ceremony, we measure the correct amount of water by using the bamboo ladle and also through experiences. Although, I have never measured exactly how much milliliters I use when making matcha.

Today I actually measured it. My standard amount is about 50ml (1.8oz). I usually use the amount of water around 40-70ml (1.4-2.5oz), but it never gets as much as 120ml (4.2oz) which is something I have seen on YouTube videos from other people.

This is how much the water looks like when measuring in regular-size sencha cup. To make it clear, I used orange juice instead of water in the picture.

This is what the 50ml (1.8oz) of water looks like in a tea bowl.

This is the amount of tea made with 50ml (1.8oz) water.

Please try this recipe with a good-quality matcha. The flavor of matcha is totally different by grades. You will find strong bitterness in low quality matcha. Good matcha has milder bitterness and profound umami. Why don't you give my recipe a try? ^^


  1. Thanks a lot Kohei ! This is helping a lot a beginner like me.

  2. I'm glad that it helped you ヽ(^。^)ノ

  3. Kohei, thank you! Your wonderful blog is such a blessing to read and learn from. Do you have any guides to make the most delicious Koicha?

    1. Thanks for visiting my blog, Scott-san!!
      I’m also struggling to find a best mixture of koicha. I was kind of thinking to do a little experiment myself for trying different mixtures to find a best way. If I get a successful result, I’ll introduce it on this blog.

  4. Put two scoops of matcha into the tea bowl. This is how much TWO scoops of matcha looks like in the tea bowl. matcha powder where to buy melbourne

  5. excellent info--thanks

  6. How to make Tales of Japanese tea by using bubble tea powder and Adding the Correct amount of matcha powder and water in it.

  7. So it would be:

    - 2 scoops of matcha measured with chachaku
    - 50 ml water, or anything around 40-70 ml water

    I think I've been using WAY too much water up until now. I buy my matcha from and in the instructions they say to use this ratio:

    - 1.5-1.75 scoops of matcha
    - 1/2 cup (120 ml) water

    That's TWICE as much water as you recommend, and I always had trouble getting the frothy consistency. Now I know why! I was using way too much water. In they say to double their ratio for koicha.