Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Adjust the amount of ingredients

Yesterday, I introduced a guide to show you how much ingredients I’m using for matcha making. But the measurement always varies. In sado (The Way of Tea), you need to slightly adjust the amounts depending on the guest. If the guest is a beginner for matcha, he/she may prefer a smaller amount of light tea. If the guest is thirsty, then a plenty amount of tea might be appreciated and also it would be better if it’s not too hot. If the guest is an experienced one, he/she may prefer richer tea. I think you need to consider and read the guest’s mind to serve a blissful bowl of tea.

If you want to make a light tea or a little amount of tea, try to scoop matcha powder less than usual. Scoop more powder when you want to make a rich tea or a plenty amount of tea. Try to adjust the water amount around 40-70ml (1.4-2.5oz). I hope you will meet the authentic flavor of matcha. Have fun!

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