Thursday, March 10, 2011

Finicky manners in the tea ceremony

These are some examples of manners that we learn in the lessons. I guess I need to realize the reasons of these manners by myself ^^

You nicely hold the linen cloth with ordinary tea bowl but not with a tall tea bowl. The linen cloth is used to clean the bowl in the ceremony. For an ordinary bowl, you clean the rims of the bowl first and then the bottom, but with the tall bowl you wipe the bottom first and then the rims. Isn’t this so finicky?

Left: ordinary tea bowl, Right: tall tea bowl

You hold an ordinary bowl from the side when you dump the waste water, but you hold the tall bow from the bottom.

Once in a while, I’ll introduce what manners I learn in the lesson. I might or might not tell the reasons behind them. I would like you to think of the reasons as well then you might be able to reach into a realization behind certain manners to serve the Japanese tea, haha… ( ´▽`) *☆

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