Saturday, March 12, 2011

The earthquake in Japan

I’m fine here, and my families and friends as well. My place is several-hundred kilometer far from the earthquakes. There are not any serious damages around my area. However I felt the quake when it happened. I was working at my desk and holding a cup of green tea in my hand. First I thought I got dizzy but I kept feeling the dizzy for a while. And I noticed it was an earthquake. The quake was different from ordinary ones. The quake was like slowly swinging, not like shaking. The feeling was like being in a big ship.
Every TV stations in Japan are now broadcasting news about the earthquakes all day long. The severe damages at the area became more apparent one day later. I’m deeply troubled by the news. I heard that many countries are offering their disaster relief teams or relief goods. I really appreciate the kind and prompt helps from other countries. Thank you.


  1. I am just happy you and your friends and family are all right.

  2. Hello Kohei,
    Good to hear about you! I am sending wishes and praying for all the people in Japan. I hope everything will be fain in Japan soon! I am worried about nuclear crash now... :-(

    Wishes from Slovakia.

  3. Happy you and your family are all right.

    From France.

  4. Hello!
    So glad that you're safe.
    What a cool blog!
    I am learning sado too. Let's learn together. :)

  5. Hi, David-san, Tomáš-san, Gnrh-san and Tsukimi-san,
    Thank you guys. I really wish that as many people as possible will be saved.

  6. Hi Kohei,
    Just a short message to wish all japanese people around you who need help all the best from France...