Thursday, March 3, 2011

I practiced tsutsujawan

I loved how our master arranged the flower and hanging scroll last night, so I took a picture of them. I have mentioned about tsutsujawan, tall tea bowl on the past entry. I used it in the last night’s lesson. The tsutsujawan that we used has a small diameter. It was a little difficult to move the teawhisk in it. Due to that, I had to whisk in shorter and finer strokes. With that strokes that I did, the appearance of the foam got finer and nice (^-^)

When you pick up an ordinary tea bowl, you hold the bowl from the side. However, in the case of tsutsujawan you hold it from the top. This is the major difference on the manner of handling tsutsujawan. I’m so used to holding a bowl from the side. That is why my hand habitually goes to the side. So during the lesson, I commited some few mistakes on the holding of the tea bowl., ha ha ha… Some of you might wonder why Japanese are so keen at details. I think that’s Japanese sado, The Way of Tea.

Left: ordinary bowl, Right: tsutsujawan

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