Monday, March 7, 2011

Can you never brew delicious sencha with boiling water?

It is said that you need to prepare sencha with 70-90degC (158-194F) water. Do you think it is always true? Can you never brew delicious sencha with boiling water? Today, I did a little experiment to prepare sencha with boiling water.

The standard recipe for sencha is …
Water: 80ml (2.8oz), 80degC (176F)
Tea leaves: 2g (0.07oz)
Brewing time: 60sec

If you prepare tea with boiling water, it will be too strong and bitter. You need to adjust the amount of tea leaves and brewing time so it will not be too strong and bitter.  I prepared the tea in four different conditions with boiling water (100C/121F) instead of 80degC (176F)

The consistent factors ...
Water: 100ml (3.5oz), 100degC (121F)
Tea: sencha

A: Shorter brewing time (Tea: 2g, Time: 30sec)
B: Fewer leaves (Tea: 1g, Time: 60sec)
C: More leaves and shorter brewing time (Tea: 3g, Time: 20sec)
D: Few leaves and longer brewing time (Tea: 1g, Time: 150sec)

So, what do you think? Do you think that I can brew delicious tea?
I’ll report the result tomorrow.


  1. I thought I could get good results on all conditions, but actually A, B and C were too light , ha ha ha… (^^;;