Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Difference between sencha and gyokuro leaves

Hello, everyone. I learned the way to distinguish dry leaves of sencha and gyokuro at the workshop. They looked almost the same, but gyokuro leaf had slightly deeper green hue. And gyokuro and sencha leaves had similar aroma, but gyokuro had a smell that sencha does not have. In Japanese it is described as a smell like seaweed. It might not sound delicious in English, but it’s kind of propounded aroma which you cannot find in sencha.

Since I started studying Japanese tea, I've tried preparing sencha in many different conditions to find my favorite way of brewing. It is pretty fun. You will have different tea by different brewing conditions. So far, I like cold water brewing which you can bring out amazing umami (the fifth taste sensation, delicious flavor) from sencha. I’ll report you when I find my ultimate brewing.

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