Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Ultimate sencha brewing?

Hi, everyone! I am studying about Japanese tea to get a qualification as an adviser. I found interesting brewing method of sencha in the textbook.

It is…

brewing three times with different water temperature.
This can bring out full quality of sencha, and you can enjoy three different teas.
Sencha leaves: 10g (0.35)
Amount of water: 100ml (3.2oz)

First brewing – Ten minutes with cold water (5 degree C, 41F)
For The rich umami (the fifth taste sensation, delicious flavor)

Second brewing – One minute with warm water (50 degree C, 122F)
For The great harmony of umami and bitterness

Third brewing – One minute with boiling water
For The bitterness

How interesting! I have to try it.
I will report you the result tomorrow. Talk to you soon!

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