Friday, September 4, 2009

Difference between hard and gentle pouring II

How are you everyone? The other day I did a little experiment for how the way of pouring effects to the taste of tea. It ended in complete failure. So, today I tried it again in another condition.

1g of sencha
80ml 75 degree C water
1 minutes brewing

Hard pouring: Pour swiftly from height
Gentle pouring: slowly tilting the kettle and teapot, and pour quietly
I did them both time when pouring hot water into the teapot and brewed tea from the teapot to a tea cup.

Tea gets bitter with hard pouring, and milder with gentle pouring.
The tea on the left in the picture is hard pouring tea, and the color is little darker than gentle pouring tea on the right. The hard pouring tea got little stronger with bitterness. At the gentle pouring tea, I could taste sweetness in less bitterness. I don’t say which is better, and it dispends on people’s preference. It was a slight difference. I think temperature of hot water, brewing time, and kind of tealeaves much effect to the taste. It will be nice if you can make really good use of this pouring method according kinds of tea and people’s preference.

Sorry for my bad English. Did you understand what I was trying to say?
Have a grate day!

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