Thursday, September 10, 2009

The manner of guest; drinking matcha

Good morning everyone! It’s cool this morning. The fall came already here.

I have talked about the manners of guest; brief steps of having matcha. They were more like manners used in a tea ceremony. But when you have match at a café or friends house, you don’t have to know them. You want to know more specific manners. So, today let’s take a closer look at the step 5 in the brief steps of having matcha.

1. Take the tea bowl with your right hand.

2. Place the tea bowl on your left palm and steady it with your right hand.

3. Raise the tea bowl little with your head down to express thanks

4. Turn the tea bowl clockwise twice
with your right hand in order to avoid its front.
Turn about 90 degrees, and the front of the tea bowl should be on the left
when you drink matcha.

5. Drink matcha to the last sip

6. Wipe the place where you drank from
with your right thumb and index finger.
Wipe your finger on your kaishi (paper)

7. Turn the tea bowl back so that the front faces to you.

8. Place the tea bowl with your right hand.

Turning a tea bowl could be interesting manner to people from other countries. If you can drink matcha with right manner, I’m sure you will impress people in Japan.

Have a nice day!

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