Thursday, September 3, 2009

New utensil stand and nightmare

Good morning everyone! I had another lesson last night. I started practicing a new temae with kuwakojoku, a kind of utensil stand. Kuwakojoku stand is usually used in the summer. Most of steps are the same as marujoku stand steps. The difference is what you display when you leave the tea room. With kuwakojoku, you leave natsume, ladle, fresh-water container, lid rest, and waste-water receptacle on the stand. This display is called sokazari (picture on the right).

As learning the tea, I often wonder reasons for the steps, movements or manners in temae. Here comes another nightmare with kuwakojoku temae. When you pick up the tea bowl, you need to use your right hand sometimes and left hand some other times. It’s confusing which hand I should use. There should be decent reasons for them, but now I’m busy just remembering the steps. I hope the time when I realize the reasons will come.

Take care!

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