Thursday, April 26, 2012

Volume of sifted and non-sifted matcha

Do you usually sift your matcha?  If you ask me, well .. I would say yes and no.  I have always sifted matcha for guests or in class, but when it comes to tea for myself I sometimes sift it and sometimes don’t, haha (^^;;  But anyway, I recommend sifting it before preparing, and it makes tea more flavorful.  It’s for sure.

On the previous entry, the matcha I showed you were all sifted.  Sifted and non-sifted matcha are actually different in volume.  So, in case of people who don’t sift their matcha, I took some photos of non-sifted matcha.

Both 1.2 grams,   L: non-sifted,  R: sifted

As you can see, sifted matcha has more volume.  On a tea scoop, they look like as follows;
(The following photos might be a little confusing, because non-sifted tea looks finer and sifted one looks rougher.  However, they are actually as they are captioned)

Non-sifted (1.2g)

Sifted (1.2g)

It might not be so obvious in these photos, but shifted tea has more volume.  If you use non-sifted tea, please scoop a little less.  Enjoy your tea!


  1. If the matcha you use is 1.2 when sifted or non-sifted, shouldn't the volume be the same?

    1. Mass/weight (in grams) may be the same, but volume can be different!

    2. Hi, Enchyu-san,
      I’m sorry for my poor English. What I wanted to say was what the Anonymous-san has explained. By sifting, air gets between the tea parcels, and tea gets fluffy.

      Thank you, Anonymous-san!