Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Perfect place for casual matcha

Do you have any idea where you can have matcha casually in Japan, besides at home? 

What I can think of are some Japanese cafés and temples.  They usually serve matcha with a confectionary at around 500-900yen.   I like enjoying matcha while taking a look at the beautiful surroundings of the temples in Kyoto.  Finding those places are a little difficult than finding a coffee shop.  (It might not be true in Kyoto, though.)

This might sound like a much rarer occasion, but there is actually another place where I enjoy casual matcha. 

It’s a ceramic festival in my town!  Last weekend, I went to the festival, and found two booths that served matcha.  Of course, I tried both … as expected of me (^0^)  

What I enjoyed most were the tea wares.  They served tea with various ceramics made by the different artists of this area.

Tea bowls by up-and-coming potters used at the first place we stopped by

This place was operated by high school students.

Sweets were from my faovrite shop, Azumaken^^

This is the second place.

And the sweets

The tea bowl was superb. 

Moreover, they were reasonable.  They cost 400yen for the first place and 300yen for the second place.  


  1. Amazing! These pictures show such beautiful bowls, plates, and sweets! I wish to go somewhere like that someday!

    1. P.S. Did you buy any ceramics? :P

    2. Please visit our city for the festival someday! You are very welcome. Let’s have tea together!
      I didn’t buy any ceramics, but my wife bought a small bowl for rice (^^)

  2. These bowls are really beautiful,that simple,black,Raku-like is my favorite and that flame red-orange one,too.Must be hard to decide if wishing to buy something there,l suppose.Hope that matcha was good,it looks fresh and wonderfully green.

    p.s.l'm having a hard time to read those words to prove l'm not a robot.:)

    1. I guess we have very similar taste for tea bowls. I also like black one and orange one (^-^)
      I sometimes think that I might be a robot, because I have difficultly recognizing the code as well, hahaha.

  3. Thanks for the post, wonderful japanese design.
    Here, a gallery in Paris, which has nice japanese art pieces:
    Yakimono Japanese Ceramics

    1. I’m glad to know that there is such nice gallery for Japanese potteries in Paris. The link is not working. I guess you wanted to mean here …

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