Monday, April 23, 2012

Correct amount of matcha

What a broad instruction is!  That's what I thought so for the first time.  I have been taught that you use one and a half scoops of matcha for one serving.   However, it is a little ambiguous (^^;;

Books don't usually specify the amount of tea to be used.  But, the book I have talked about the other day, introduces the following;

Thin tea: one-and-a-half scoops, or 1.9 grams
Thick tea: three heaping scoops, or 3.75 grams
(Refer a note at the bottom for thin and thick tea)

In either case, one scoop is regarded as around 1.25g.  But now, can you imagine how much volume 1g of matcha actually has? 

I can’t.  I guess many people couldn’t.

I see … now I understand that there won’t be much meaning in instructing with a particular amount of grams.  Since I  now aware of the specific grams, I want to know how much it looks like on a tea scoop.  You want to see it as well, don’t you?

It was pretty difficult to scoop exactly 1.2g.  (My scale can only measure up to one decimal point)





Finaly, 1.2g!

So, one-and-a-half scoop will be something like this. (1.2+0.6)

However, this is not an absolute amount of tea.  It can only serve as a simple guide.  I have seen different number in terms of grams on different paper.  If I try scooping this much, my current master will tell me that it’s already excessive.  It depends on schools, and moreover it should be adjusted for each of your guests.  Is 1.2g enough for your tea?  Perhaps, less or more?

In The Way of Tea, there are two different ways of preparing matcha.  They are thin tea and thick tea.  The matcha I have been referring in my blog was thin tea.  Thick tea uses the double amount of matcha and it is regarded more formal in the ceremonies.


  1. Interesting! I have always wondered how heavy a scoop of tea was, and what a little more or less looks like. But I don't have a scale like that. Thank you!

    1. It’s interesting, isn’t it?
      My previous master allowed using the amount like shown in this entry, but my current master considers it too much. So, I guess that it depends on one’s preference (^^)

  2. We had a large class on Sunday, with guests, so I got to see a lot of tea made. It was interesting to see how sempai used different amounts of tea for each person. I'm glad I was a middle guest this week!

    1. My school is not big. So, I kind of envy you that you can observe many otemae of others^^

  3. Oh my God, THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!

    I've always been stymied by how much maccha to measure on the chashaku. (Total ceremony newbie here!)

    Anyway, thank you so much. Now I know I'm doing something right thanks to you!

    おかげさまで。 ^.^

    1. I'm glad that this post help to you. Enjoy your tea and ceremony!!

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