Monday, April 9, 2012

Tea is not enjoyed only for time together

There indeed exist a tea enjoyed in one’s private time.  When do you have tea on your own? 

I have it when I read books, and also at work.   I often bring a small teapot and a cup to my desk.  Once in a while, I fill the pot with hot water. 

What type of tea do you often have in such occasion?

In my case, it depends on the season and my mood.  I enjoy different tea at my private time, but I especially like sencha or gyokuro.  Most of those cases, I don’t have sweets, and just enjoy the rich flavor of the concoction, which is good enough to satisfy me.

I uploaded a new article “Casual fine tea without a teapot” on our Facebook, Japanese Tea 101.  I introduce an easy method that I sometimes enjoy.  I think this is perfect for your private time.  Please check it out and try!   


  1. hey Kohei, I live in Canada and I ordered some Kagoshima matcha from this vendor ( but when i receive my matcha i figured out they shipped it out from their warehouse in Fukushima. Do you think if i should still consume the tea or to throw it away since it was stored in Fukushima??

  2. Hi, Dezzy-san,
    I don’t know the details, and I can’t say anything for sure. But, since the tea was produced in Kagoshima and just shipped via (or stored at) Fukushima, in that case, I personally would not care about the radiation.

  3. Hi Kohei,

    Thank you for the advice! your blog is really interesting, keep up the good work!:)

  4. Hi, Kohei-san.
    Before I came to Japan I drunk almost exclusively black tea in my private time.
    Now I enjoy green tea and oolong tea as well.

    I find that when I'm feeling full after a meal I enjoy green tea or oolong more, though with breakfast or when I'm hungry I prefer black tea with milk.

    I actually had a question to ask. I've been using the same teapot to brew all my teas, so I was thinking about buying a tokoname teapot for my green tea. What I wanted to ask is are Tokoname teapots ok to brew oolong tea in as well?

    Thank you for your interesting blog!

    1. Hi, Leesy-san, Thank you for stopping by. I’m glad to hear that now you enjoy more variety of teas. I’m not an expert of Chinese tea, so I cannot tell you about oolong tea. However, I’ll tell you what I understand.
      There are many people in Japan using Tokoname teapots for both green tea and oolong tea. At the same time, there are some people who are very sensitive to aroma and taste, and they use different pots for each tea. It is depends on how you enjoy tea. What type of green tea do you often enjoy? Snecha, Gyokuro, Hojicha, or Gnemaicha?
      I think that it is okay to use a Tokoname teapot for both green tea and oolong tea if you enjoy them casually. If you usually enjoy fine green teas (gyokuro or fine sencha), I would recommend that you limit using your new Tokoname pot only for them.

    2. Hey, Kohei-san. Thank you for your response and advice!
      I have sencha and hojicha most commonly, and I doubt I'm sensitive enough to the aroma to notice a difference, so I may just get the one teapot and see how it goes.
      Thanks again for writing such an interesting blog!

    3. Good luck with finding a nice teapot (^-^)