Monday, October 24, 2011

Green tea for aperitif

Have you yet tried sencha with anchovy paste?   We have discovered that sencha goes well with salty and umami-rich foods.  Our hypothesis is that umami from green tea and umami from food enhance each other and make a great combo.  Then, how about gyokuro?  Gyokuro has much more umami than sencha.  It must be good also. 

Konnichiwa, it’s Kohei(^^)  So, we tried Gyokuro with anchovy paste.  Uh-huh… we were right!  Gyokuro made an excellent harmony with anchovy.  You can enjoy them at your tea time, but more innovatively, how about serving a shot of gyokuro with anchovy before gourmet cuisine?   Don’t you think it is fancy serving premium green tea like an aperitif?  I’m sure that the umami will stimulate your appetite and it will be a very memorable dinner.  Jah!


  1. Have you ever tried eating your sencha leaves after brewing? They go wonderfully with a bit of something umami like soy sauce.

  2. I don’t eat them so often, but yes I have. I love eating the leaves with dashi-syoyu, fish flavored soy sauce. The fish flavored soy sauce might sound yukky to westerners, hahaha.