Saturday, October 22, 2011

Mariage for green tea

After a couple hour tasting, we were tired and getting relaxed.  We talked more about what theory we can find from this test. 

Surprisingly, Gouda cheese went well with sencha.  The flavors from both tea and cheese made a great harmony and filled my mouth.  Other cheeses were not excellent but still good with sencha.  We wondered why, even if cheese contains fat.  Another surprise was that dried tomato went also well.  Of course, dried seaweed was good as well …  Can you think of any clue?

Well, we made a hypothesis that umami and salty flavors are something in common among those foods and go with green tea.  We named some other foods that have umami and salty taste.  What we had there was dried laver seaweed and anchovy paste.  We tried them.  The laver was not excellent; it may need more salty flavor, but we were all delighted by the anchovy paste!  Can you believe that anchovy goes well with green tea?  Umami from tea and anchovy enhanced each other.  They generate a synergistic effect and create a perfect mariage.

You don’t have to eat a lot of anchovy.  Take a very little bite as seasoning and have a sip of tea.  The umami will multiply on your tongue.   If you don’t like umami flavor, don’t try it.  It’s going to kill you.  But if you love umami, you have to try it!  I’m sure you can’t help smiling.

To conclude this test, for sencha, I find that …
Good:  Sweet, salty, and umami
Not good:  Sour or fatty

In addition, I liked sweet for bitter tea and umami for mellow tea.  But again, the foods for tea depend on your personal taste.  So, please enjoy finding your perfect mariage!  Jah!


  1. I have anchovy paste in the fridge and I can always use another excuse to eat some... :)

  2. I agree that sencha doesn't go very well with sour foods, in fact I find it's difficult to pair it with other drinks too. Apart from that I think it goes well with most types of food, and for those that are unsuitable I usually have success with taiwanese oolongs. It's fun combining tea and food! =)

  3. I see! Taiwanese oolong! Oolong tea is popular and casually enjoyed in Japan.

  4. I found by accident that Mugicha and salted pistachio nuts taste amazing together - the mugicha brings out new and delicious flavours to the nuts. And they are both casual - relax time things to eat/drink

    1. Mugicha and pistachio!? How interesting!! I guess that the nice roasted flavor from both the tea and nuts go well each other. Thank you very much for sharing this. I have to try it!