Thursday, June 9, 2011

Shizuoka prefecture decided to do the test

There is some progress on the controversy about the tea regulation. Opposed to their previous standing, Shizuoka prefecture has announced that they are going to do the radioactive test on their dried leaves. They’ve reached the decision to prevent harmful rumors.

Konnichiwa, it’s meヽ(^。^)ノ According Shizuoka, most of aracha has been processed to the end products and it is difficult to do the test on aracha from every region in Shizuoka. However, they can do the tests on the end products from every region. That means they have accepted the test on the dried leaves more or less. Shizuoka prefecture is going to refrain from selling the tea from the regions which go beyond the regulation criterion (500becquerel per 1kg).

I have not heard any news about the other prefecture, Kanagawa granting the government request. However, I found another news that 16 cities and towns, and some agricultural associations in Kanagawa submitted a request to redress the criteria of the regulation to the government. I’m not worry about the tea from Kanagawa, because the amount of tea produced in Kanagawa is little. It is only about 0.3% of entire tea production in Japan. I do not usually have a chance to buy the tea from Kanagawa.

I as a consumer am very happy with Shizuoka's decision. Shizuoka is the biggest tea producing prefecture in Japan. If Shizuoka did not change their stance, it would have a certain impact on their sales as well as to the tea industry. Now most tea in Japan is safe and I don’t have to change my habit for buying tea. I’m grad about it. Jah!

Source from Yomiuri Online (Japanese) 08 June 2011 >>>

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