Thursday, June 2, 2011

Do you know of aracha?

Today, I saw a news about radioactive tests on tea. In the news, a term “aracha” is used. Have you heard of it? I believe that ordinary people in Japan don’t know that term and it is used only in the industry. Today I would like to introduce aracha.

Konnichiwa, it’s meヽ(^。^)γƒŽ Aracha is not usually sold in tea shops. It is incompletely processed tea and distributed in the industry. Harvested tea leaves are taken to tea factories. They are steamed, knead and dried. This product is aracha. You could call it crude tea in English. Wholesalers or distributors buy aracha and they complete the process by heating, screening and blending. It becomes the end product which you find in stores. It is called shiagecha in contrast to aracha which is also an industrial term.

You could drink aracha like ordinary tea. But, aracha is non-uniformed which includes twigs, hard or broken leaves. It is not as dry as shiagecha so it is not good for long storage. Blending different aracha makes stable quality teas and deferent brands to fit customers’ preference. Now, do you know what aracha is? Jah!

I found this tea at a tea shop labeled as aracha. But I guess this is not real aracha, more like farmer’s homemade bancha according to the description on its package.

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