Thursday, June 23, 2011

The best condition for daily tea storing 2

A: Room temperature
B: Refrigerator
C: Freezer


A (room temperature) and C (freezer) were similar in color on dry leaves. B (refrigerator) was brighter and yellowish than the other two. So, B was not good on the appearance.

For brewed tea, B did not have much aroma compared to the others. I liked the flavor of A the best. My wife, Hiro liked C best.


The result was pretty much the same as sencha’s. Hiro found a little weird smell on B which is probably caused by other odors from the fridge. A looks a little lumpy in the picture. But I have sifted all teas so their granularity should be the same. It is just how I placed there when I took the picture.

A was the darkest in color among the prepared tea. I found less flavor on B. Hiro and I both like A best.

To conclude this test, for short period storage, I think it is best to store your daily tea at a room temperature. For both sencha and matcha, B was inferior in quality among the others. I don’t know the reason for this result.  I really wonder why. A and C did not have a significant difference. When you consider the effort of thawing and multiple packing, I think A (room temperature) is the most practical and best way to keep your tea.

I used double-lid tin tea caddies on this test. So when you store your tea, please use an airtight and light proof tea caddy and keep it at room temperature but a relatively cool place like food storage. It will be fine for a couple of weeks^^

There are some other tea storing tests on going. Please stay tuned for more results. Jah!


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