Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The best condition for daily tea storing

What do you think the best condition to keep your daily tea; at a room temperature, refrigerated or frozen? I actually did a test for it.

Konnichiwa, it’s meヽ(^。^)ノ I opened new packages of sencha and matcha and repacked them into three different containers. I’ve kept them for about three weeks in three different places, such in a food storage at a room temperature, refrigerator and freezer. I used triple packing for the samples in the refrigerator and freezer to avoid capturing odors from other food. I opened the three packages almost every day to create the similar environment for daily tea. To avoid gathering frost and moisture, I left the samples from the fridge and freezer at a room temperature about an hour every time I opened them. The other day I prepared those tea samples and tasted them.

Common Conditions
Tea: sencha (3g each) and matcha (1.5g each)
Term: about three weeks (average room temperature: 22degC (72F))
All containers were opened almost everyday

Place Condition
ARoom temperatureSingle packing (tea caddy)
BRefrigeratorTriple packing (small plastic bag, tea caddy, plastic bag with zipper) Leave it at room temperature for an hour before open

Tasting condition
Sencha: 3g tea leaves, 100ml (3.5oz) boiling water, one minute brewing
Matcha: 1.5g matcha, 60ml (2.1oz) 85degC (185F) water

Where do you think the best place to keep the daily tea? My assumption was that the refrigerator is the best. Because, repeatedly freezing and thawing may not be good for tea and it’s also better than room storage because it is lower in temperature. However, it is said that refrigerator has the most chance to capture odors from other food. So, what is your assumption? I’ll report the result on the next post. Jah!

Pictures for the triple packing >>> Preparation for tea-storing tests


  1. I would say the one at room temperature because of temperature changes. But it is a wild guess...

  2. Good guess, David-san(^0^)/ Check out the result on the next entry!