Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Yunomi tea cup

There seem to be some isolated regions and places in the suffering area. You cannot still make a contact to some of evacuation centers. There are no lifeline utilities in those places. I hope the supplies are delivered to those people as soon as possible. There are many relief goods coming from overseas. I'm really touched by the many helps from other countries. I thank very much for the offer to Japan.

Have you heard of the names for Japanese tea cup, sencha, kumidashi and yunomi? Yunomi is a tall type cup, despite sencha or kumidashi cup has a bowl-shaped figure. The other day I went to a Japanese restaurant and tea was served in a yunomi. I realized that many restaurants use yunomi. I don’t know exactly why but I assume that many restaurants think thick yunomi is appropriate for bancha and hojicha which are often prepared with boiling water. And also tall shape is better to carry without spilling. I don’t personally have yunomi type so I have rarely showed you the photos of it. I wanted to introduce it on my blog so I took the pictures. The tea served there was hojicha and I enjoyed the dishes as well.

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