Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Mochi-kichi, a Japanese rice cracker shop

Do you know what Japanese rice-cracker is like? Have you tried it? You can find rice-crackers anywhere in Japan, somewhere like supermarkets, convenience stores or department stores. They are made of rice, which are readily available in grilled or fried crackers. It is difficult to explain the taste, but I guess crunchy salted pretzel is the most similar snack I can think of. The Japanese cracker has more ricey taste. There are various flavors, such as salty, soy-sauce and sugar-sprinkled flavors. Some of them are wrapped with dried laver seaweed. Huum, it sounds yummy. It may not for you, haha(^^; But you know what. The rice-crackers really go with Japanese green tea. I’ll recommend sencha or hojicha for the crackers. I hope you can try the cracker with green tea if you have a chance.

This weekend, I got to go to a Japanese rice-cracker shop, called Mochi-kichi. They are rice-cracker specialized chain shops. They have a big selection of crackers. The price is reasonable and taste good. I love them and you may check their website (Japanese) at

This is what I got this time. I believe this is fried one and has sweated soy-sauce flavor.

The crackers remind me some quality times with my family. When I was a kid, the cracker was often on the center of the table at our tea time.


  1. hi there. i cannot tell you how much i love rice crackers. seriously. my friend bought us some last time we were in ginza, and i absolutely fell in love. they were heaven. so fast forward several years, i cannot find them anywhere in the states. if i were to send you a pic of the packaging, do you think you can help me find an online website (maybe they could ship to us?)? please??

    1. Hahaha, I'm glad to know how much you love Japanese crackers. I'm not sure if I can find the online shop for the brand that you are really looking for, but at least I can try. You can send me the pic to

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