Wednesday, November 3, 2010

World O-CHA (Tea) Festival 2010

World O-CHA (Tea) Festival was held in Shizuoka Japan between Oct 28 and 31 2010. It is held every three or four years and this was the fourth. We went there on 30 and 31. It was free to get in. We were exited and enjoyed the festivalヽ(^。^)ノ

Tea makers, shops, and tea related associations participated. There were many booths of theirs. You could buy things, try some sample tea, see some exhibitions, and attend tea ceremonies, contests and workshops.

I was thinking to join some paid tea ceremony and workshops. But there were also some booths offered free tea tasting and workshops. So, I thought “why don’t we try free ones first?”. In the two days, we tried seven little free workshops including four gyokuro workshops. Plus, we had many tea tastings. Too much green tea sometimes makes your stomach upset. We had stomach irritation at the end of the both day, and didn’t have room for the paid tea ceremony and workshops, ha ha … (^_^;) But we has so much fan by trying many different teas.


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