Friday, November 12, 2010

Is it about leaves or brewing condition?

On the last post, I introduced an Asahina gyokuro brewing which I learned at the World O-CHA (Tea) Festival. When I tried the gyokuro at the festival, the brewed tea was clear and bright. But when I tried the brewing method at home with my daily gyokuro, the tea got darker, greener and murkier. I wonder if it is about leaves or brewing condition. Is Asahina gyokuro different from other gyokuro? So today I did a little experiment to brew the Asahina gyokuro and my gyokuro in a same condition.

*** Condition ***
Tea leaves: 4g
Water: 20ml room temperature
Brewing time: 1.5minuts

The leaves on the left are the Asahina gyokuro, and the leaves on the right are my gyokuro.

These are the brewed teas. (Asahina-left, My gyokuro-right)
The result was that both got murky green. So, I guess this is not about tea leaves. It’s about water and a teapot used. I think especially the strainer on the teapots has effect on brewed tea color. The teapot used at the festival had a metal fine-mesh strainer. The teapot at home has a ceramic strainer, which is a fine-mesh type but still not as fine as the metal one. I think the difference of strainer made the tea murky. I loved either tea at festival and home. They are both good.

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