Friday, November 5, 2010

Photos from the O-CHA festival

There were some events and exhibitions at the World O-CHA (Tea) Festival.

The festival is not only for Japanese tea. I think this was Chinese tea exhibition.

A Tokoname teapot artist was making teapots.

There were many tea gatherings held around the festival.

There were food booths outside. You could try many different Japanese first foods.

Free tea tastings

Tea wares contest

Huge tea whisk!


  1. Hello !

    The Temomicha demo on the 3rd picture from above was made by Mr Yoshiaki Hiruma :

    I drink his tea every day at home, my favorite tea since a while !


  2. Hi, Fortunato-san,
    Oh, you do drink his tea? It’s your daily tea, Wow!
    His tea seemed very good. I actually wanted to try his tea at the Festival. But I had so much tea there, and didn’t have a chance to try his. It must be great(^-^)

  3. Hello Kohei-San,

    Yes I do, but not his Temomicha as daily tea, he has so many kinds of tea, he's a brillant tea artist !

    I drink as daily tea his Kukicha Honeppoiyatsu and some of his Fukamushicha as Sayamakaori, Yumewakaba, Fukumidori and Hokumei !

    I also love to drink but not as daily tea his Bihakkou Sencha Kirabiyaka and Hanhakkoucha Toyoka or Sayamakaori but Strong Dried.

    And of course I love his Temomicha !!!

  4. Wow, you have tried many of his tea!
    I want to try them sometime (^-^)

  5. Since October 2009 I tasted 90% of his teas !

  6. I would have loved to be there! I liked the big bowl with the huge tea whisk!

    1. This event is only held once in three years. The next one will be in 2016. Plan another visit to Japan!