Thursday, November 25, 2010

Autumn leaves viewing in Japan

We, Japanese love to appreciate the beauty of seasonal nature. We enjoy cherry-blossom viewing in the spring, and now in the fall we go to forests for viewing autumn trees scenery. One of our customers asked me how the culture or customs for autumn scenery viewing is like in Japan. Maybe in some other countries, people do not put effort to go and view them. But somehow we do.

The fall is one of the best seasons in Japan. The climate is nice and it is good season for many activities. It is said that fall is the season for sports, trips, appetite, studying and reading.

The most parts of Japan belong to the temperate zone and has a lot of mountains and forests with wide variety of vegetation. The good mixture of deciduous and evergreen trees makes the beautiful multi-colored scenery in the fall. The deciduous trees are maple which turns red and orange, gingko which turns yellow, beech which turns brown, and more. We are lucky to have this kind of environment. I think the environment makes us appreciate beauty.

How do we enjoy them? Some people go for a drive to mountainous area and enjoy the view and also some local food or sometimes bathing in hot springs, perhaps. Some people enjoy the autumn foliage in nice temples at Kyoto or Kamakura. I went to a night viewing in a park near my town. It was very cold that night. There were many food stands there and we enjoyed hot soup, noodle, rice dumpling and more before viewing. The park has hundreds of maple trees. They were illuminated and ablaze with vibrant autumn colors. There is a public bath at the park. We had a bath after viewing and warm up our cold body.

At the high season, the popular spots are very crowded with people and you will even experience traffic jams around the area. The traffic jams at popular mountainous areas are often on the news on TV. We also find beauty in fallen leaves. The leaves fluttering down on the ground, and the carpet of fallen leaves are other scenery we enjoy.

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