Friday, November 19, 2010

Box of Kurikinton (Japanese chestnuts confectionery) from Ena

Ena in Gifu prefecture has many Japanese confectionery shops. Kurikinton is a kind of Japanese confectionery made of chestnuts and sugar. Krikinton from Ena confectionery shops are pretty popular. The other day, I got a box of kurikinton from my parents as a present from their trip to Gifu. The box contains 8 kurikintons from 8 confectionery shops of Ena. Actually, kurikinton is my favorite confection, so the box is like a jewelry case for me ヽ(^。^)ノ

I shared them with Hiro. Kurikinton is my favorite, so I of course loved all of them. But each shop has their own taste on kurikinton. You will find slight difference among them. It was fun to talk about different kinds of kurikinton: How each of them is like, and which one we like the best. Some have smooth texture, and some have crushed chestnuts in them. Some are a little dryer and some are a little moist. Some are sweet, while some are not so much. You can tell that different kinds of chestnuts used as ingredients can affect the flavor of the kurinkinton. I liked the kurikinton from Kawakamiya confectionary shop the best (*^。^*) It has a nice natural chestnut flavor and a mild sweetness. Hiro liked the one from Suya which is a little sweeter and has some crushed chestnuts. Natural flavor of kurikinton goes really well with Japanese green tea!!

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