Thursday, September 23, 2010

Unique lunch at a Japanese pickles shop

We went to a Japanese pickles shop, Yamatoya in Nagoya. It was a branch shop at Sakae underground mall. At the back of the shop, they have a very small restaurant, which has only six seats at the counter. They offer a unique dish only at lunch time.

In Japan, there are many kinds of pickles, made by different kind of vegetables* and ingredients**. They are usually served one or two kinds at a meal in a small amount as a subsidiary item. But Yamatoya made the pickles the main dish on their lunch menu. There were twelve kinds of pickles on the mail plate. I thought it was very unique. And it came with rice, miso soup, and two side dishes. Generically, pickles have distinctive flavors. I love some of them, and I don’t like some kinds. But, the twelve pickles were the kinds I love. The tea served with the lunch was hojicha. I was very satisfied with the lunch, and I want it sometime again.

* The vegitables for Japanese pickles: Japanese radish, cucumber, Chinese cabbage, plum, carrot, egg apple, burdock or so on.
** The ingredients for Japanese pickles: Salt, sake lees, miso, rice-bran, or so on.

Yamatoya URL (Japanese) >>>

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