Thursday, September 9, 2010

Double-wall glass

I have double wall vacuum insulation tumblers of Thermos. It keeps the drink cold, and doesn’t sweat at all. I love them, and am using the tumbler at work. But, I think glass tumblers make the drink look more delicious than metal ones.

I’m having a shochu party at home this weekend. Shochu is Japanese liquor, made of rice, potatoes, or wheat, and retains some of the original flavor. Being distilled, it contains more alcohol than sake. I like drinking shochu with water.
I wanted some glasses for the party. I bought some double-wall glasses of Bodum. The insulation is not as good as Thermos metal tumblers, but it is much better than regular glasses. They still have certain insulation, and also look much nicer than metal tumblers. I am pretty satisfied with them. I think they are also good for iced tea. You can enjoy the color of tea. The picture is iced mugicha in the Bodum glass (^-^)

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