Friday, September 10, 2010

Japanese tea tasting contest

I participated in a Japanese tea tasting contest for tea advisers and instructors, held in Uji Kyoto. It was my first time to enter this kind of contest, so my goal was not to score the lowest mark. I might be indulgent to myself, ha ha (^_^;) To see how the contest is like, and experience more tea from different region, and different breeds was my another goal.

About eighty tea advisers and instructors from all over Japan participated in the contest. Some were tea farmers or tea shop clerks. Even for them, the tea tasting seemed difficult. I guess you need special experiences or training to get a good result on the contest.

I didn’t get the lowest sore, and I experienced many teas. So, I could say that I achieved my goal for this contest. My score was so-so for the first try. It was a great experience and I enjoyed trying different teas v(^-^)v

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