Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Kuwakojoku, utensil stand

At hira temae, natsume (the container for tea) and fresh-water container are brought in the tea room by the host during temae. But with the temae with a utensil stand, the tea container and fresh-water container are already prepared before the temae starts, and displayed on the stand.

This month, we are practicing temae with kuwakojoku utensil stand. This utensil stand is used in the summer. You place natsume on the top and the fresh-water container on the second shelf on kuwakojoku.


  1. Besides that kuwakojoku is only used in the summer, is there a rule for when you do a hira-temae, or a marujoku-temae, or kuwakojoku-temae? For example, in the winter, could you use any one of these three? How would one decide?

  2. Marujoku can be used either with brazier (summer) or sunken hearth (winter). And we also do hira-temae either in summer or winter. I learned that you USUALLY use kuwakojoku only in summer. I checked about it on the internet and I could not find reliable information. But, some webpages say that kuwakojoku can be used with brazier or sunken hearth. I don’t know the rules how to decide what type of temae for when. I’ll ask my master if there are any rules about it.