Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Breeds of tea plant

I decided to enter a Japanese tea tasting contest for tea advisers and instructors. The specialized abilities and experiences are need for the tea tasting. I have taken few workshops about it, but I’m still new to the tea tasting. I want to learn more about Japanese tea, and I thought that participating the contest will be a good experience, and I could learn more about tea.

The other day, there was a meeting in Mie prefecture to practice tea tasting for the contest.
There will be four type of tasting in the contest.
1. Telling the picked season of tea by dry leaves
2. Telling the breed of tea by brewed tea
3. Telling the production region of tea by dry leaves
4. Telling the production region of tea by brewed tea

We practiced all four at the meeting. I could try single breed tea for the first time for the second tasting practice. The most tea sold at tea shops are usually blended some breeds of tea. Each breed has distinctive flavor, and you can make delicious tea by blending them, and keep certain quality of tea. Single breed tea is not so major. Here are some breeds that I tried at the meeting.
The comment on each breed is my personal opinion, not general description. It is what I felt and find in the tea at the meeting.

The most major breed in Japan

Mild and aroma like chest nuts

Flavor of Japanese honeywort

Well balanced flavor but not much umami

Rich flavor with umami


Aroma like mint, milky flavor with sweetness

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