Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Which taste better cold water or hot water brewing mugicha

How are you everyone?

There was a summer festival in my town on the last Saturday.

Yesterday, I had an endoscopic exploration. Have you tried endoscop? It was so unconformable experience. I lie down on my side on the bed with a mouthpiece stacked. I was passed through the viewing tube. Ick… I never want to do it again. Fortunately, there was any disease found in my stomach. I was relieved.

As I told you before we usually enjoy cold brewing mugicha. Today, I tried hot water brewing.

The tea on the left is cold water brewing mughica.
Just left a teabag in cold water for couple of hours.

The tea on the right is hot water brewing mugicha.
Put a teabag in boiling water and left it about five minutes and cooled it down.

The hot brewing tea is a slightly murkier. They have nice roasted aroma, but both made cold, so neither has rich aroma. The most important thing, their tastes; I could not find big differences in their tastes. Both have nice mugicha flavor. I could say the cold brewing tea is a little mellower and hot brewing tea is slightly earthy. It was a subtle difference, so I will preparer with easier cold water brewing from now on.

Have a nice day.

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