Monday, July 13, 2009

Tea at the best Japanese restaurant in my town

How was your weekend, everyone?

This weekend, I had a chance to have a meal of dainty and refined Japanese dishes, each served individually. The meal was so delicious. I think this is the best Japanese restaurant in my town. At the restaurant, sencha (the pictures on the top) was served in the beginning. The tea hue was dark, but it was regular sencha. It was because the inside of the cup was dark green. Do you find oshibori in the picture? It's a wet towel you wipe your hands with. Oshibori is usually served at restaurants in Japan. Anyway, in the end hojicha (the picture on the bottom) was served with dessert. This is different from the restaurant that I introduced on my Jun 24 blog. They served hojicha during the meal and sencha after the meal. But here, the Japanese restaurant served hojicha after meal. I think there is no certain rule about this, and it could depend on restaurant’s own decision. So, you can try different teas and find your favorite combination for your meal.

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