Thursday, July 9, 2009

The manner of guest, brief steps of having matcha

How is it going everyone?

Yesterday we had the second lesson of July. I asked our master to be in the pictures for my blog. This is the first time that our master appears on this blog, yay!!

Today I want to show you the manner of guest especially brief steps of having matcha. In the pictures from yesterday’s lesson I was playing the host and Hiro and our master played the guests.

1. The host puts out the tea

2. The guest comes and takes chawan (tea bowl), and returns to the seat.

3. Bow to other guest(s)

4. Bow to the host

5. Drink the tea to the last sip

6. Take a close view of the chawan

7. Return the chawan

I think this is the best part being a guest that you can take your time and relish the tea and appreciate the chawan in the peace. Have a nice day!

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