Thursday, July 16, 2009

Our mugicha system

Hello, everyone. We didn’t have the lesson this week. We have four lessons a month and there are five Wednesdays this July. So, we made this week off.

I talked about mugicha yesterday. There are mugicha teabags for hot-water brewing type and cold-water brewing type. Hot-water type, you brew it with boiling water like hojicha brewing. If you want to have it cold, you need to cool it down afterwards. Cold-water type, you just leave the teabag in cold water, but it will take time, usually hours.

The picture on the right is the mugicha teabag we use. Actually, you can use either hot or cold water with this product. We do cold brewing. It’s easier. We have two pitchers for mugicha. While we are drinking with one pitcher, we prepare next tea with another one. (Picture on the left) It is so easy. You just put water and the teabag into a pitcher and leave it in the fridge. That’s it. When you finish one pitcher, another one will be ready. It’s easier than purchasing big heavy mugicha bottles from glossary stores, and much reasonable. This is our major beverage for the summer. We drink about one pitcher a day or more on hot days.

Have a nice day!

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